Land acquisition is the foundational activity for any development project. It is a complex and long-run process with inherent uncertainties and conflicts which poses colossal challenge to the project proponent.

SPARC’s Land Acquisition Management System helps project proponents recording of date-wise land acquisition progress for each category of land parcel at village/plot level and provides system generated alerts and advisories on likely date of completion of remaining activities and closure of land acquisition.

The valuation, award, compensation, beneficiary tracking module helps to keep track of awards and compensations at beneficiary/plot and village level providing a critical insight on land acquisition progress and critical pending activities. The system has an integrated document management system to index and catalogue agreements, lease deeds, payment receipts etc. for need-based retrieval for conflict resolution.

GIS based Land Acquisition Management System is an efficiency multiplier and a must to have to do away with the complexities encountered in land acquisition.



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