Consulting Services

We empower businesses with strategic guidance and expert insights by offering tailored solutions for various industries and from process optimization to digital transformation

GeoICT consulting

We offer expert solutions at the crossroads of Geospatial Information and Information Communication Technology (ICT) by providing custom tailored comprehensive services, including geospatial data analysis, GIS software development, system integration and spatial database management. Our GeoICT solutions empower you with location-based intelligence for informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

Forest Clearance

We specialize in Forest Clearance Consulting by navigating complex regulations, providing strategic advice and obtaining clearances for projects involving forest areas. From impact assessments to regulatory liaison, we promote sustainable land use practices across infrastructure, mining, renewable energy and agriculture sectors, preserving forests and ecological balance.

Wildlife management plans

We safeguard biodiversity and promote sustainable wildlife conservation through our services that encompass monitoring endangered species, habitat restoration and population analysis. Leveraging advanced technologies like GPS tracking and data analytics, we empower conservation organizations and government agencies to protect natural heritage and make informed decisions for future generations.

Catchment treatment plans

We specialize in preservation and enhancement of water quality in catchment areas. Our services include erosion control, sediment reduction and pollutant removal. Through innovative engineering and sustainable land use planning, we design custom treatment plans, collaborating with stakeholders for effective catchment protection and restoration that contribute to cleaner waterways and healthier ecosystems.

Preparation of Urban development plans

We collaborate with local governments to shape sustainable growth for cities and communities by designing tailored plans aligning with economic, social and environmental goals. Our services include land use zoning, transportation infrastructure, housing development, public space design, optimizing urban landscapes, fostering vibrant, resilient, and inclusive cities.

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