Mining and Geology

We approach the field of Mining & Geology with a determined spirit, recognising the significance of responsible resource management. Our mission is to revolutionise the industry through innovative solutions that prioritize environmental conservation and safety.

Mine Management System

We empower mining companies to optimize their operations efficiently. By integrating advanced technologies, we streamline processes, ensuring sustainable mining practices that minimise ecological impact.

DGPS Survey

We conduct precise DGPS surveys of lease, forest, and safety zone boundaries, laying the foundation for accurate and responsible mining practices and ensure compliance with various regulations and standards.

DM through Aerial Photogrammetry

Utilising cutting-edge UAV-based aerial photogrammetry, we generate detailed Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and contours, offering valuable insights for mine planning and safety assessments.

Land Use & Land Cover Mapping

Through satellite data analysis, our Land Use, Land Cover Mapping ensures informed decision-making, promoting sustainable land management and conservation practices.

Mine Asset Tracking System

With our GPS-based Mine Asset Tracking System, mining companies can efficiently manage their assets, enhancing safety and productivity.

AI/ML Application for Land-Use Monitoring

Our AI/ML Application for Land-Use Monitoring enhances data analysis, enabling real-time monitoring and predictive modelling to support sustainable land management.

We aspire to be a catalyst for positive change in the Mining & Geology sector, driving towards a future where responsible practices and technological innovation coexist harmoniously to ensure the well-being of our planet and its resources.

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