SPARC, a leading Geo-ICT service provider in logistics, optimizes supply chain management through geospatial technologies. Real-time tracking, geospatial analytics, and GIS solutions improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction for logistics companies.

Real-time tracking & Monitoring

Our Geo-ICT services include real-time tracking for shipments, vehicles, and assets. Accurate location data empowers logistics for informed decisions, route planning, and efficient deliveries.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Solutions

Our tools offer data visualization, KPI tracking, and real-time analytics, helping insurers spot trends, seize growth opportunities, and stay competitive in the dynamic insurance sector.

Custom GIS Applications & Mobile Solutions

Custom GIS apps and mobile solutions provide field personnel real-time data access, fostering agile responses to changing conditions and ensuring seamless supply chain communication.

Regulatory Compliance

SPARC’s Geo-ICT services helps logistics companies stay compliant with regulations related to transportation and delivery. It assists in adhering to specific routes, weight restrictions, and other legal requirements.

With our Geo-ICT services, logistics companies can achieve greater visibility, efficiency, and control over their operations, driving business growth and customer satisfaction in today's competitive market.

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