GIS Forestry Environment

Forestry And Environment

SPARC has been actively involved in application of IT and Geo-informatics for various forestry applications over the past decade. It has successfully delivered various forestry sector assignments such as development of geo-spatial knowledge base for forest division, DGPS survey of forest block, survey and mapping for preparation of micro-plan of Joint Forest Management (JFM) areas, input generation for working plan preparation, plantation monitoring systems, delineation and mapping wildlife areas/eco-sensitive zones, DGPS survey for forest clearances and forestry project monitoring applications.

SPARC’s core strength in GIS, Satellite Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry helps us deliver the following Decision Support Systems to forest managers:

  • Forest boundary consolidation
  • Working plan monitoring
  • Regulation for forest conservation
  • Plantation monitoring
  • Wildlife management
  • Forest infrastructure monitoring
  • Forest fire management
  • Forest offence monitoring
  • Hotspot management
  • Forest administration

Besides, SPARC also offers the following general services in forestry:

  • DGPS Survey and geo-referencing of forest boundaries
  • Identification and demarcation of forest boundaries
  • Assessment of growing stock
  • Mapping of vegetation density
  • Bio-diversity mapping
  • Thematic mapping on land use, drainage, soil, topography, watersheds, etc
  • Slope analysis and 3D modeling
  • Training and capacity building of forest managers on geo-informatics
  • Socio-economic and baseline studies on forest dependent communities

  • Mapping for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Mapping for EMP
  • Development of Compliance Management System for regulation of forest clearance, environmental clearance, consent to establish, consent to operate, mine plan, etc
  • Land use change study in coal mines for environmental clearance