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Data Mining and Analytics

Focusing on the information requirement, the data mining and business analytics involves development and implementation of heuristic data algorithms for high-volume data management and information extraction mining-out the hidden patterns, identification of unknown co-relations and task specific information which can be utilised to augment business intelligence. The resulting business intelligence can be utilized for business development achieving competitive advantage over the business rivals resulting in growth and profitability.
Our development centre has a specialised Data Mining and Data Analytics facility with a well-organised team of experienced database experts with expertise in managing high-volume data and data marts and business analytics which is supported by experienced project and task managers.
SPARC’s data mining methodology assists companies to function efficeiently by providing the data managers with the right information to take business decisions through processing of huge log of transaction data as data from auxiliary sources such as web server logs, internet click-stream data, social media activity reports which are usually left untapped by conventional business intelligence software.