Company Background


Way back in the early nineties, when the age of computerisation started to bring in a lot of changes in the way people functioned, the promoters had founded Trident Softech Pvt Ltd as an IT services company, specializing in CAD and software services. The company was retained by several engineering design organisations and infrastructure development agencies for supporting them with computerised designs and drawings. It also did some pioneering work in Business Process Management, such as preparation of Voter’s Photo ID card and computerization of land records, which had involved around a 1000 personnel then! With the evolution of software technology and ever increasing demand for trained human resource, the company started its own computer education institution in 1995.

In order to streamline its functions, the activities of Trident Softech Pvt Ltd were consolidated into two separate establishments; SPARC (in 1997) and Trident Group of Institutions (in 1998). Whereas, Trident Group of Institutions focused on imparting quality education in the field of engineering, information technology, bio-technology and management; SPARC focused on the emerging areas of geo-informatics. The evolvement of Trident Group of Institutions also guaranteed that SPARC could bank on a continuous supply of enthusiastic and young engineers and developers for its projects.

Relying on its strong principles and ethical values since its inception, SPARC has always been applauded and acclaimed by its clients for being committed to its undertakings, be it in the quality of work or delivery schedules.