As the name suggests, we would like to identify ourselves as the ‘GIS people’ and let this be our gateway to shake hands with everybody; those who know the connotation of our blog’s name or others for whom these are merely geometrical entities.

Any ways, let it reflect our endeavours in life – start something small, stretch it to your fullest and go all the way with full steam till it encompasses you, your beliefs, your efforts and your small world. And ten arrives your moment of truth – when you realise that all the time that you had been pulling and pushing to widen the vertices of your polygon, life has come to a full circle. You have achieved what you had set out to do. That is the time to look back on the journey that you have traversed and ponder why some vertices of your polygon measure up to what you had in mind and why few others have gone awry.

Too philosophical ? Well, then you fall into the true ‘GIS people’ category. You will also find your cup of tea here, amongst the points, lines and polygons. As you go through our blog over a cup of tea or over maps, as you please, you will get to know us better and understand what we do.

Do reach out to us and let us know your views on the points, lines and polygons of GIS or life….



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