Posted on: 2 December 2017

SPARC has been assisting JICA assisted Uttarakhand Forest Resource Management Project (UFRMP) in selection and baseline resource mapping of degraded forest areas to be taken up for eco-restoration involving Van Panchayats. It has so far assisted UFRMP in selection of about 400 treatment areas (degraded forest areas) in 13 project Forest Divisions, where field interventions are being taken up. Further 350 sites are to be identified and mapped under the current assignment.

Differential GPS, GIS and Remote Sensing techniques is being deployed for precise delineation of treatment area boundary, study of baseline vegetation, soil and topographic conditions including current regeneration potential of the areas identified for eco-restoration.

UFRMP aims at restoration of degraded forests in Uttarakhand through site specific soil and moisture conservation along with effective protection measures involving Van Panchayats.



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