SPARC has implemented an innovative Geo-ICT solution to assist Government of Odisha improve public transport service coverage and bring transparency in issuance of public transit (Bus) permits.

Stoppages and routes covered under all existing permits with their timing were built into a geo-database to appreciate current service coverage and identify the gaps. The innovative WebGIS based permit management system implemented by SPARC has computerised the permit issuance and management end-to-end.

The implemented system, allows the applicant to check existing route availability/ vacancies, verifies the permit application against all existing services and facilitates issue of new route permits doing away with route/ time conflicts.

The system has been made paperless allowing bus-operators to apply and obtain the permit at remote locations. It also allows the bus-operators to avail all permit related services such as time change, route change, ownership change, permit surrender, renewal, etc. on-line. Integrated Mobile application help the commuters get information on buses on a specified route/ stop and give feedback on the service. Mobile applications are also available for Bus operators and transport authorities to track permit status and public grievances. The application is an example of achieving maximum governance with minimum Government interface.



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