The ‘SPARCLES’ are a bunch of passionate and dedicated professionals who have unfaltering faith in their organization. The attrition rate is minimal and the senior team has been with the company since its kickoff.
As a Sparcle, you have the right to:
Shine in a highly professional yet comfortable workplace which has an absolutely open, non-stifling and unobtrusive atmosphere.
Glow as you have a life of your own, beyond work; SPARC offers you perfect work-life balance.
Radiate happiness, being a member of a highly enthusiastic and motivated team.
Flare your interest with us – your rich work experience will lead you to your destiny – senior leadership, a foreign posting, creative trendsetter or to start a venture.
Blaze in the firmament that you desire – technical, management or leadership; we will be the first to recognise any flash of brilliance and give you the freedom to choose.
Scintillate in the world outside the organisation – make your presence felt with the all-round development initiative that we embrace, to help you make an impression.
And best of all; have a permanent twinkle in your eye! We will definitely go all out to make you feel valuable and independent.
We have tried to instil core values across the company; not just within the management or in black and white. And we swear that these set of values will not only guide them to take the right decision during challenging times but it will also motivate them to function responsibly and uprightly.
Providing a facilitative working environment is fine but giving a comfortable and stress-free feel is equally important at SPARC, as we envisage that this leads to better bonding and understanding. The camaraderie shared by the team members from various departments is remarkable and this percolates from top to bottom.
Apart from the customary annual off-site day-out, other celebrations like Holi, Dusshera, Diwali, New Year’s Eve, etc dot the events calendar of the company. Everybody is encouraged to participate in the Foundation Day revelry and other sports events that are planned from time to time. Several corporate social responsibility measures are also undertaken and the employees also play a crucial role in making these things happen.