SPARC GIS Solutions

SPARC’s Solutions

Being in the business of creating solutions, the best way to help you know us would be by walking you through a few of our customized solutions. The Solutions Showcase displays our projects in a comprehensive and elucidative manner. It will give you a pictorial summary of how we have merged our innovative ideas with scientific interventions to fulfil the client’s objective. The collaborative efforts of SPARC’s team and the client have been instrumental in understanding the business challenges, opportunities and identify ways in which we can help them meet their goals.
We follow very structured processes and through our engaging and interactive format, we work in tandem with our clientsto provide them with an apt and efficient solution. We have worked on projects from various sectors like Utility Management (power, water, wastewater, oil and gas, etc.), Transport and Logistics,Industrial Facility, Mines, Risk Analysis, Urban Area Management, Forest Management, Governance, MIS, Engineering Design, etc. These projects have been assigned by clients from varied domains like Government institutions and NGOS, Corporate and PSUs, Industry and Mining, International Agencies and Engineering Consultants, etc.
A few of our projects have been portrayed here by giving sample outputs, just to help you understand the intricacies and complexities involved in the assignments undertaken by us. And we would definitely like to add that each of the project that we have embarked on has been delivered to the client’s utmost satisfaction in all respects.