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Design of Industrial Water Supply systems
Design of Urban Water Supply System
Water use efficiency study in Irrigation Command
Hydro Power Potential Study
Water Balance Study for River Basins
Microplannig for Afforestation
GIS based Forest Information System
Decision Support System for Forest Management
GIS based Social Welfare Scheme Monitoring system
GIS based Rural Connectivity Planning system
Route Planning System for Transport and Logistics
GIS based DSS for Industrial Site selection
GIS based Land Acquisition Management System
Assessments for Forest Clearance
Geo-referencing of Mine Lease areas
Forest Scheme Monitoring System
Power Transmission and Distribution Network
Planning of 33/11 kV Power line Alignments Under State Power Infrastructure Development Plan
Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessment using GIS
Dam Break Study
Planning of Public Transport for Dhenkanal Region
3D Visualization
GIS based DSS for Urban Planning