GIS Water Utilities

Water Utilities

SPARC provides key information on water, wastewater and storm water utilities in a visual environment to assist utility companies meet their operational challenges. Apart from network analysis, GIS also helps the user to analyze trends and forecast future demand for upgradation of network infrastructure. It provides vital decision support for job planning, flow analysis and demand forecasting in an integrated manner.

The pipeline utilities division at SPARC primarily focuses on management of various pipeline utilities such as water supply, waste water, slurry, oil, gas, storm water drainage. This division often compliments urban planning division for planning of urban utilities.

  • Pipeline utility mapping in GIS (for water, wastewater, slurry, oil and gas)
  • Development of Water Supply Network Asset Management System
  • Development of Sewerage Network Asset Management System
  • Consumer indexing for Water and Wastewater Utilities
  • Detailed engineering for Water Supply Systems (Urban and Rural) including Network Analysis
  • Survey and Planning of Sewerage/Storm Water Drainage Network
  • Vehicle Tracking System for Solid Waste Collection monitoring