GIS Content Development

Content Development

Keeping in mind that ‘Content is King’ in the digital world, content creation and its management is obviously a very important task for any organisation. But every organisation may not have the adequate resources required for quality content development and its necessary management. Our specialized services in this field will definitely assist you in obtaining the right material that is unique to your organization.
Content management involves both processes and technologies that support the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium. At SPARC we have the necessary skill and technology requirements for these tasks. Another equally important aspect of content management involves the creation, maintenance, and application of review standards. Since each member of the content creation and review process has a unique role and set of responsibilities in the development of the content, we provide each review team member with clear and concise review standards which are maintained on an ongoing basis to ensure the long-term consistency and health of the knowledge base. We have the competency to handle content management throughout its entire lifecycle, from creation to permanent storage and apart from text; the content involved could be images, video, audio and multimedia.
SPARC being an IT company that specializes in GIS services has the distinctive advantage of doing highly specialized content development related to geo-informatics. Being in the knowledge business also gives us an edge in this field and we feel that our potential in this domain would unquestionably help us produce world-class outputs.