GIS Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Today’s enterprise seeks business solutions providers who can take care of their non-core business processes which will help them to focus on core businesses for growth and profitability. Challenges in taking up such assignment typically comprises of one or more of the factors:

  • Inefficient business process leading to revenue loss
  • Decentralised/non-standard operations
  • Limited/non-standard utilisation of technology burdened with growing maintenance requirement
  • Scarcity of capital for investment in management of business non-core activities

SPARC is much more than just a process delivery partner; it offers true transformation using the levers available through many years of industry domain experience in different sectors. We have been handling BPO and KPO assignments for both the offshore and domestic clients and carved a niche for ourselves in this domain as well.
We have a well-established Knowledge Processing Data centre with 500 seating capacity, 40,000 sq.ft of air-conditioned work area with high-end servers and computing facilities, high bandwidth data communication facilities can be functional 24X7.
SPARC has a coveted resource pool of qualified and well-experienced domain experts, time-proven project managers, technology experts, solution architects, project planners and implementation specialists. The solution provided by SPARC undoubtedly includes the best knowledge processes delivering both efficiency and effectiveness. Besides, SPARC has unique access to a large pool of young, intelligent and dynamic engineers through it’s group concerned engineering college.
SPARC’s innovative work methodology involves predictive modelling/ risks analysis resulting in smarter work environment, improved risk management, identification of process maturity baseline. The work methodology implements stringent process quality assurance through continuous process/performance evaluations using highest industry benchmark while aligning on the roadmap to achieve business goals.
SPARC’s knowledge process solution assists our clients to streamline their business processes, enhance service levels, improve on-time productivity, reduce cost/resource overheads and most importantly, achieve all this without investing in infrastructure, human resource and technology.
We have been in the BPO and KPO services for almost two decades and our experience is obviously reflected in the quality of the work done by us.