Client: Southern Electricity Distribution Compan (SOUTHCO). , Govt. of Odisha.
Case Summary

SOUTHCO is responsible for distribution of electricity in the districts of southern Odisha. The power distribution system initiates from the 132kV Grid stations supplied by the transmission company (OPTCL). The 33kV power lines emanating from these grid stations carries the 33kV power to the 33/11 kV substations where the 33kV is stepped down to 11kV. The 11kV feeders emanating from these substations carries 11kV power which are further stepped down at the 11kV/440V Distribution Transformers. The assignment involved development of a GIS based power distribution management system for the Berhempur, Gopalpur & Chhatrapur urban area through DGPS survey of the electricity infrastructures (grid stations, substations, DTRs) and the power lines 33kV, 11kV along with collection of the attribute information related to the infrastructure and the power line. The GIS database developed through the process is integrated with base map of the area in a Web GIS based application interface to facilitate visual representation of the electrical assets, Feeder/ DTR wise tracing of the power transmission line, GIS based electrical asset register with unique codification, Decision Support in preventive maintenance requiring asset replacement/ augmentation planning, Management of power outages/ load shedding/ alternative source planning.

The GIS based power distribution management system helped in

  • Development of Asset register with unique codification of each installation with coordinate details
  • Visual depiction and understanding of the power distribution network for informed decision making
  • GIS based power distribution management (outage, load shedding, alternate source)
  • Base system for automated system integration such as SCADA

Technology Used:
Geographical Information System, Differential GPS, Database Management System, Microsoft .NET framework, Microsoft Visual Studio

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