General Experience

Albert Einstein had said ‘The only source of knowledge is experience’ and who are we to say otherwise? Our vast experience of two decades in the field of IT and ITES has made our knowledge base far richer than probably all the valuable degrees of our engineers, developers, mangers, etc put together. Experience has armed us with the tenacity to overcome all sorts of obstacles in a balanced manner so that the ultimate winners are the client and the project; of course, our success is consequential.

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We have had clients from varied sectors like public sector undertakings, government organisations, industry and corporate houses, mines and power utilities, international agencies, non-governmental organisations, educational institutions, etc. Each of their demands has been unique and we have delivered to their satisfaction always. In fact, we have developed long-standing associations with many of them and continue to enrich our experience by working for them.

Our domain, as far as services are concerned, caters to the GIS, IT and ESO subsets mainly. GIS work includes services like GIS/Web GIS/Mobile, GIS application development, GIS analytics, High precision survey, Remote sensing and photogrammetry and Mapping and geo-database. We undertake IT projects involving BPM activities, Data mining and analytics and Application development for web, mobile and cloud. We have handled various engineering drawing projects encompassing drafting and modelling, design automation and validation work, etc.

Utilizing its core competencies in IT, GIS, Engineering services and experiences drawn from managing customer’s business processes, SPARC offers its specialized services to clients from Power Utilities, Telecommunication, Urban Areas, Water and Wastewater Utilities, Transportation and Logistics, Mining, Industries, Forestry and Environment, Healthcare, Education, Water Resources, Agriculture, Risk Management, Governance, Engineering Design and Architecture, etc.

Based on our work portfolio, we would like to share our experiences with you to give you a fair idea of the projects that we have undertaken. Some of them have been watershed ones, some of them dear to us as they have had a socio-economic impact and some highly technical – all in all, a satisfying experience for our clients and an enjoyable one for us as well.