Efiling Processing Forest Clearances

E-filing and Processing of Forest Clearances

Ministry of Forest Environment and Climate Change, Government of India, has mandated online filing of applications seeking approval under Forest Clearance Act 1980. Relevant information related to the project area, forest land proposed for diversion, compensatory afforestation and other environmental mitigation measures need to be presented in a systematic manner for objective evaluation and consideration for approval.  

SPARC has been supporting many government and corporate institutions in online filing of such forest Diversion Proposals involving compilation of relevant particulars such as maps and land schedules prepared using GIS, geo-referenced forest land preparation through DGPS surveys, DGPS and GIS based mapping of compensatory afforestation land, etc. for precise depiction of information facilitating smooth processing and timely clearance.    

The dedicated project team working in online filing and processing of forest clearances have rich experience in different types of projects such as roads, reservoirs and canals, transmission lines, pipelines, mines and industries.