Client: Tata Steel Limited
Case Summary

Tata Steel Limited has been allotted land at Gopalpur in Ganjam district for development of industrial economic zone. SPARC assisted in carrying out the forest & environmental study through preparation of the geo-referenced forest land map of the diverted forest land and auxiliary maps and reports. The process involved collection of the revenue cadastral maps for the industrial area, collection of record of right document for the concerned villages, consultation with the respective forest division offices for approval of the forest land involved within the mine lease area and preparation of the forest land schedule. GIS based processing of the input documents were carried out through grid correction/ digitization/ mosaicking of the revenue maps and the forest land schedule and linking the data sets through the key field to generate the spatial land database for the forest land. The DGPS survey and geo-referencing of the forest land was conducted with reference to the Principal Control Points (PCP) established within the industrial area with reference to the ORSAC known points and through identification and DGPS observation of the permanent ground features of the revenue maps and geo-rectification of the revenue cadastral map sheets. Post-processing of the simultaneous observation recordings of the PCP as well as the SCPs were carried out though the post-processing utility software for delineation of the forest land. Desk study and identification of the boundary change-point coordinates of the forest land were carried out. The change point coordinates were used to stake-out the ground location for demarcation of the forest area within the lease boundary. The geo-referenced forest land map was submitted to DFO for obtaining certification from the ORSAC for subsequent submission to MoEF.

The GIS based geo-referencing of forest land boundary helped in

  • Precise identification of the boundary coordinates of the forest land involved in the industrial area for compliance measure to the MoEF
  • Quick generation of the geo-referenced forest land map for the diverted forest land to be submitted to MoEF along with the Forest Diversion Proposal

Technology Used:
High Resolution Satellite Imagery, Geographical Information System, Differential GPS survey, Database Management System

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