Decision Support System Forest Divisions

Forest Division Decision Support System

The GIS/ Web GIS based Decision Support System for forest managers contains information on all types of forest land boundary, wild life areas (core/ buffer areas of sanctuaries, national parks, eco-sensitive zones), administrative set-up (division, range, sections, beats), working plan information, forest infrastructure locations, plantation details, Joint Forest Management activities, fire prone locations, locations of forest offences, eco-tourism sites, hotspots, diverted areas, etc. in a geo-referenced environment. The geo-referenced data can be viewed/ analysed with respect to topography, forest cover, etc., for effective decision making.

The DSS helps forest managers in precise identification and demarcation of forest boundary in geo-referenced environment, preparation of working plans, planning afforestation programs, evaluation of forest diversion proposals, wildlife management, forest fire management, offence monitoring, infrastructure planning, etc.