Odisha Space Application Centre (ORSAC)


Odisha Space Applications Centre (ORSAC) is the apex body of the State of Odisha for space technology applications. It has a team of well-experienced multidisciplinary application scientists to undertake Satellite Remote Sensing, GIS & GPS based projects. In the field of communication technology application, the centre runs GRAMSAT for interactive training programs, production and telecast of developmental programs in fiction based drama format, documentary format as well as news magazine format, and EDUSAT for telecast of live class room programs for the benefit of High School students.

SPARC’s expertise and experiences coupled with the nodal agencies quality assurance, ensures proper grounding of various Government sector projects. SPARC has been empanelled by Odisha Space Application Centre for all state related activities under the following categories:

  • Geo-referencing of Satellite Image
  • DGPS/ETS survey, contour generation
  • DEM generation and ortho-image generation
  • Satellite image based thematic information extraction
  • GIS based database generation, analysis and modelling, socio-economic survey
  • Web GIS/Open source GIS

SPARC has signed a MOU with ORSAC to undertake collaborative projects in its areas of specialization.

National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC)


National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) is a constituent of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), located at Hyderabad with the mandate of providing Earth observation data from space and aerial platforms to users develop technologies for the management of natural resources, support disaster monitoring and management and capacity building for utilization of EO data. It is responsible for acquisition, processing, supply of aerial and satellite remote sensing data and continuously exploring the practical uses of remote sensing technology for multilevel (global to local) application.

NRSC has been a major force in adoption and use of geospatial technologies in the country through its activities in aerial and satellite data acquisition, data supply, mapping and nation-wide projects on behalf of DOS as well as user agencies.These include real time global product supply (e.g, global scatterometer wind products), very high data throughput and rapid supply through IMGEOS projects, global near real-time data acquisition by establishing a ground station at Antartica and providing data visualization and WebGIS by Bhuvan portal.

SPARC has been recognized by NRSC (Department of Space, Govt. of India) for GIS and Satellite Remote Sensing activities since 2000.

Odisha Construction Corporation Ltd


The Odisha Construction Corporation Ltd. (OCC Ltd) is a government-owned construction company established in the year 1962 to undertake specialized civil and mechanical construction works. Later, the activities were extended to the field of Construction Consultancy and IT services. During 50 years of its existence, the company has developed expertise and know how in planning, designing and construction and successfully executed a wide variety of construction jobs on turnkey basis.

SPARC has been enlisted as an associated consultant of Odisha Construction Corporation Ltd (OCC Ltd) for DGPS survey and geo-referenced forest land map preparation for forest clearances, mapping, documentation and processing of forest diversion proposals, vegetation analysis and stock estimation, mapping and documentation for EIA and EMP studies.